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Research Group Home pages

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Conference Research Teams


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Research Teams:



Your conference assignment begins with setting up your Research Team Space, you can take a look at some examples from last year here.


I will provide guidance and criteria for the content of your Research Space, but you are free to expand on my criteria. I will also provide deadlines for completing certain tasks, as you will see in the schedule below. This schedule may change, so please keep your eye on this page.


Here are the Spaces you will need to set up:

  • A Home page


  • A Message/questions  Board
  • A google doc for collaborating
  • A space for Bios with photos
  • A space for summarizing your research articles and your Research Proposal


  • A space for an Annotated Bibliography
  • A space for uploading your visuals : slides or photos or power points or quicktime or Utube.


Schedule and Guidelines:


Between Oct 8th - 12th : You should get together and set up your ' Home Page'. See basic instructions below.


Mon Oct 15th: Research Question Due

  • We will discuss how to formulate and present your research question in class and I will guide you further on my journal page.


Wed. Oct 17th: Conference Proposal Due




Mon Oct 22nd: Your Biographies with photos and final Conference proposals must be posted for the Conference Technical director to upload.


Friday Oct 26th: All of your presentation visuals must be posted and ready for the Conference team to upload.


Sunday Oct 28th: Your Research webspace is complete and ready for evaluation. Your webspace is worth 12.5% of your conference grade.



 How to begin your Research Team Space:

  • To begin, click on 'New Page' at the top of this page.
  • Name your page and click on 'Create Page'
  • Begin typing ...
  • Save page
  • Return to this page and link in your home page above.


How to link in your page:

  • Place the pointer below "This is where you will link in your ...."
  • clink on "link' above.
  • when the box appears choose 'wiki page'
  • Open the 'link to wiki page scroll down menu and select your page
  • Type in the name you want to appear in the link
  • Click O.K.


 Now, explore the tools above, work together and guide each other.





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