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Portfolio Assignment

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Portfolio Assignment 50%

This assignment is a reflection of your journey as a developing writer and researcher

 Your portfolio Assignment is worth 50% of your semester’s grade and is due on Wed. April 9th before class.


This is obviously your major assignment for the semester. You will work on putting together and designing your portfolio throughout the semester, and because this is an online project, I will be able to assist and guide you with your portfolio as the semester progresses. In the final week of classes you will have the opportunity to present your portfolio to me.


Your portfolio is a collection of your work assembled to demonstrate your range, variety and skills with composition and critical thinking. Your portfolio is an online assignment, and accordingly you will need to create a web page for this assignment, you should  use this tutorial on web space design.

If you do not already have a web space, you can begin one with Google Page Creator.



Your portfolio will include:



As with all assignments, your portfolio should include an introduction which overviews the contents by describing each element of your portfolio.

For each assignment you will also write an explanation of your approach to the assignment and some reflective writing on your results.



Your Objectives are:


  • To demonstrate your improvement and strengths as a writer
    • you want to impress me with your achievements this semester, with your commitment to your studies and your attention to details, with your ability to follow instructions and your overall development in terms of critical thinking skills.
  • To demonstrate your improvement and strengths with visual composition
    • you want to be thoughtful and visually intelligent with your selections and placements of images throughout your portfolio.
  • To present your skills and strengths in the most appropriate way
    • you want to analyse your abilities carefully and highlight your strengths.
    • you want to compose an introduction for your Portfolio that demonstrates you are aware of your strengths as a writer and thoughtful of your weakness'.
    • Have all of your work 'proof read' before posting


  •  To present a complete Portfolio, I will not accept incomplete portfolios. If your Portfolio does not include all six of the above assignments -- you will not receive a grade.



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