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In Class Summary

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In Class Summary Assignment : 15 %


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You will write your summary on you google doc - DO NOT WRITE IN ANOTHER PROGRAM AND CUT AND PAST -- there will be no cutting and pasting whatsoever. The revisions tool will alert me if you cut and paste, and I will check.

Your summary must NOT be more than 600 words, 500 is preferred.

With a focus on the guidelines below, I would like you to summarize this text with an effort to clearly summarize what Ellison et. al. consider to be the benefits of 'social capital' in general and in contex with Social network sites.

An important reminder for you;
this is not an article about Facebook, as Ellison et. al. clearly state, facebook is utilized as "a research context" for their question: "whether offline social capital can be generated by online-tools" (1145).

A little Guidance for writing your summary:

  • Your summary should begin with creating a context for your discussion, in other words begin by introducing the central research concerns of Ellison et.al. in context with key abstractions.

  • Your summary should trace the research conversation, and in the process provide definition and details for your key abstractions.

  • Your summary should point to the limitations of established knowledge according to Ellison et. al. and in the process indicate Ellison et. al.'s position in relation to the research conversation they cite.

  • ' In an effort to point to your position in the research conversation, your summary should include a sustained definition of 'Social Capital.'

  • Your summary should point to the limits of Ellison et. al.'s research, and suggest an area or question for further research.

Image Source  : Social Capital Gateway





On Monday we will spend our class time discussing  The Benefits of Facebook, "Friends:" Social Capital and College Students’ Use of Online Social Network Sites  and after this discussion I will post our question.



Your summary should be between 500 - 600 words, no longer please.


Objectives: Write a summary which demonstrates:


  1. Your skills with using citation and reporting expressions in order to

attribute, characterize, and position the sources you summarize.


    2. Your skills with positioning yourself in relation to the sources you are



    3) Your ability to select and cite details and examples to ‘unpack’



    4) Your ability to discuss the limitations of the research.


   5) Your ability to define and create a 'sustained definition.'


   6) Your ability to suggest an area or question for future research.


Evaluation: My criteria for evaluation are:


    1) completeness -- all of the above objectives need to be fulfilled to

receive full points.


    2) analysis -- your summary should demonstrate that you have

approached your writing with a specific question in mind (remember,

writing is a critical thinking tool).


    3) writing skills -- I hope to read summaries that are carefully written,

grammatically correct and with thoughtful attention for the skills and

techniques we are learning in class.

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